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Posted by George April - 28 - 2010 - Wednesday

Social Media Sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have exploded in popularity and are here to stay. These sites are so deeply entrenched in our society that major television networks like CNN, ABC and TNT have integrated audience Tweets into their programs. Larry King, NBA Playoffs, retail giant Walmart, American Idol and even the White House have seen the writing on the Facebook wall and leveraged the power of these social media networks to effectively extend their reach to their respective audiences and markets. With the advent of iPhones, iPads and 3G phones, this social interaction trend will only continue to grow. So, the question is not whether your business should embrace this trend of marketing through social media channels, but why you haven’t already started.





If you’re still not convinced, pay close attention to this next case study. New Orleans based Naked Pizza turns an income of $1 million annually.  In the spring of 2009, they conducted a one-day Twitter marketing blitz during which time they attribute 69% of their sales from their 4,300 Twitter followers. In that year, they estimate that 20% of their $1M in sales came directly from their Twitter following. By providing discounts and coupons exclusive broadcasted via Tweets, it’s easy to track sales. So, the math could not be clearer.  With over 8,000 Twitter  followers now on their Naked Pizza Twitter account, and $200,00 in sales (20%), each Twitter follower is worth $25. They have now replaced the phone number on their billboard with their Twitter account link to capture even more followers from the 35,000 people who drive by their store every day.


The second biggest missed marketing opportunity most small business websites neglect is simply capturing the email addresses of their customers. As a local restaurant, imagine the marketing potential of being able to reach out to every customer who has enjoyed eating at your restaurant to distribute a weekly menu special or discount. That one free email has more laser-targeted market reach as a local Sunday newspaper ad that could costs hundreds or thousands of dollars! The same concept applies to a limousine service, bakery or florist who is looking to reach every customer to secure repeat business and stay in constant contact with a weekly or monthly newsletter.


With our online marketing expertise at, all these contemporary marketing laser-focused marketing channels are now available to you. Use our Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing Service (Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account Setup) to increase your marketing reach while drastically reducing your newspaper or Yellow Pages advertising expenses.


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