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We place a strong premium on having our clients make informed decisions on the best online marketing strategies for their business and situation. As such, we are releasing a twelve-part video series that explains how to make the internet work for you and your business. There are a variety of online marketing options to take advantage of and that can be used in a synergistic fashion. So, our introductory series educates you on all these options.


The layout of this video course includes:

  1. People are Looking for Your Business Every Day, are they Finding You (Introduction to how powerful the internet can be)
  2. How to Find Out What People in your Local Area are Searching For (Introduction to the Google Free Keyword Tool)
  3. What is Search Engine Optimization and How Can it Help Your Business?
  4. The Google Local Business Directory and How it can Help Your Business
  5. Additional Business Directories You Should Be Listed In
  6. How Can Facebook Help Your Business?
  7. How Can Twitter Help Your Business?
  8. The Power of Article Marketing for your Business
  9. The Power of Online Press Releases for your Business
  10. Why Your Business Needs to be Using YouTube and Video Marketing<.li>
  11. Using an Email Capture Service for your Business
  12. The Importance of Tracking Your Website Statistics with Google Analytics


We’ve listed Lesson One (“People are Looking for Your Business Every Day, are they Finding You (Introduction to how powerful the internet can be”) below so you can get acquainted with the video series


If you enjoyed that first video lesson, feel free to sign up for the remaining Lessons 2 – 12 of this series and any future site updates below. You can expect to receive two lessons per week unless you Contact Us Here to inform us that you wish to receive the lessons at a quicker pace.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or are interested in retaining our services to implement any of these online marketing strategies for your business. We sincerely hope these videos helped you discover a new-found awareness of the very real potential for translating local online searches into local leads and sales for you.


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We are a Boston SEO service specializing in helping you take full advantage of the exploding trend in consumers going online and depending on Google to find local products and services. Tech savvy consumers are now letting their fingers do the walking on their keyboards, tablets and smart phones instead of the through Yellow Pages or newspapers. Your business needs to adapt to this trend to capture and profit from it or risk being left behind. That is precisely where our services give you an edge over your competition

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