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Dynamic QR Codes

Posted by George December - 6 - 2012 - Thursday

The Basics

QR Codes are an essential strategy for restaurants which serves as a bridge from your printed marketing material to your online content. In this Digital Age, mobile marketing is your best connection to your prospects and customers because:

  • Smart phones now outnumber laptops and desktop computers combined

  • In 2013, more local consumers will access the internet through Smart phones than any other device

  • 94 percent of people with cellphones are never more than 4 feet from them

  • Local consumers and mobile consumers are one and the same

So, where do QR codes fit into this picture? They give your business prospects and customers an immediate bridge right in their hand to your weekly events, team’s practice schedule, daily school/daycare menu, coupons, weekly or daily specials, fundraiser or entertainment special events. Your offline marketing message turns into an online message with one click and breath life into all your printed marketing pieces.


Static vs Dynamic QR Codes


Static QR codes have all the benefits listed above in taking the consumer scanning it to a destination or online landing page of your choice such as your business website or video or coupon. However, the limitation of this genre of QR code is that all the ads, magnets, flyers or coupons you print that QR code on are always fixed to that same landing page. So, if you want to change your offer or marketing message because your weekly special changes or want to promote a new coupon, all those printed flyers, coupons, fridge magnets or key chains become stale. You need to incur additional printing costs for every new marketing campaign.


What if you could print an advertisement, and it would automatically update itself whenever you desired? What if there was a way to change the offer that’s on your coupons, receipts, take-out menus, flyers, key chains or ads after they have already been printed and in the hands of hundreds or thousands of people?


Well, the good news is that there is a way and they are called Dynamic QR Codes. This next generation of QR code comes alive because it enables you to change or update the landing page of the scanner on command. You can change where you’d like to take the user and you can change them anytime you want as often as you want. Never waste money on printed advertising again and increase the lifetime and value of all your marketing materials. Imagine the marketing options open to you now:


o Scan our take-out menu QR code every Monday to discover the Weekly Special

o Scan the league’s basketball team QR code to discover the latest weekly practice and game schedule

o Scan the QR code on your receipt Friday and Saturday to find out about that weekend’s Featured Live Entertainment

o Scan our refrigerator magnet to learn about the school or daycare daily lunch menu or weekly field trip

o Make the QR code link to different offers during the day, night or on weekends


Try Our Live Demonstration



To bring Dynamic QR Codes to life for you and to demonstrate the possibilities, feel free to scan our demo QR code below once every minute to watch it loop through different mobile-friendly landing pages such as videos and coupons. Imagine the possibilities this brings for you to stay in constant contact with your customer base.

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